Breast surgery in Tunisia

Are you uncomfortable with your breasts, or are they beginning to feel the weight of the years? You have had a mammectomy and would like to regain your former breasts? Breast surgery may be a solution for you. Cosmetic surgeons will welcome you and advise you on the most appropriate breast surgery for your needs and expectations, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction.

What is breast surgery?

Breast surgery is a surgery that intervenes on the breast. There are many reasons to have breast surgery. For example, it can be to work on the volume of the breasts, by increasing or reducing it. Clinique s practitioners also help you fight against sagging breasts due to aging, pregnancy or weight gain.

What are the main types of breast surgery procedures?

There are three main types of breast surgery performed by breast surgeons:

Breast augmentation

Whether a woman's desire to increase the size of her breasts stems from a complex or an aesthetic concern, breast plastic surgery is an appropriate procedure. By placing breast implants, also known as breast prostheses, the plastic surgeons will meet your expectations by changing the size and shape of your breasts.

Breast reduction

A breast that is too large can become disabling and cause discomfort and health problems. The breast surgery department of the Clinique can perform a breast reduction operation adapted to your needs.

Breast ptosis

Breast ptosis is often the result of a natural process. The most effective way to combat sagging breasts is through breast surgery. Through the implantation of a prosthesis, the surgeon reworks the shape of your breast to give it a more aesthetic appearance.
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