Cosmetic Dentistry in Tunisia

Dental surgery
Dental surgery in Tunisia, also known as cosmetic dentistry, is a growing field that aims to treat diseases affecting the teeth and jaws, the goal being to give you a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.
Carthagomed's dental surgery clinic offers you its dental surgery service composed of competent dental surgeons to help you regain your smile.
Dental surgery refers to any operation involving the teeth such as tooth extraction, gum surgery and dental implants. It can have a purely aesthetic goal and aim to improve and beautify the appearance of teeth (teeth whitening, dental veneers). It can also have a functional purpose and aim to straighten and rebuild part or all of the teeth (dental implants, braces), but also to treat gum and root diseases.
Following your dental surgery, you may experience some pain, bleeding or swelling, which will gradually subside as your mouth heals. Your dental surgeon will prescribe the necessary medication and care for optimal healing.

Dental surgery Tunisia : Interventions offered by Carthagomed

Dental tourism in Tunisia concerns both non-surgical dental care and surgical dental operations.
The surgeries and dental care offered by Carthagmed are the following:
Our dentists, anesthesiologists, nurses and dental assistants work together in the best conditions, using the latest technology, to ensure the success of your dental surgery.

Cheap dental surgery in Tunisia

If you are considering dental surgery and are looking for the best dental surgeons at the most affordable prices, you can turn to Carthagomed. We offer you cheap prices with all-inclusive packages: pre-operation consultation, surgeon's fees, clinic fees, hotel stay and travel in Tunisia.
Med Assistance puts its entire team at your disposal to assist you before, during and after your dental operation.